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Free Exercise, Halacha, and Goodridge: Examining Jewish Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage Within Massachusetts’ Legal Framework

by Greg Sager*

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Developments in the Ecuadorian ITT Initiative and Yasuní National Park: Balancing the Protection of the Environment and Native Rights

by Lena Cavallo*

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Our Government, Our Parents, Ourselves: Emergency Contraception and the Battle to Protect Girls

by Hillary Knight*

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Hope for Increased Regulation of Triclosan in Antimicrobial Hand Soaps

by Njideka Chukwu*

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Conceiving Real Protection: Paternalistic Surrogacy Laws & the Necessity of Massachusetts Legislation that Appropriately Protects the Gestational Surrogate

by Jordan L. Payne*

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The Bulger Complex: Common Conception of Organized Crime Leads to an Impracticable Nexus Requirement in Massachusetts Wiretap Statute

by Jess Megee*

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Ubiquitous Eyes Above: Should Existing Fourth Amendment Precedent Apply to Drone Surveillance?

by John E. Murray*

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Compassion for Patients but Not for Parents? Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization & Child Protective Services

by Jess Cochrane

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Tripping Over TRIPS: Developing Countries' Access to Lifesaving Medications

by Ashley Cohen and Cassandra Montgomery *

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