The Commodification of Human Beings

by Lauren N. Maloney*

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Stick it in Your Pocket: End Term Vetoes in Massachusetts

By Ellen Rackley*

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A Precedential Peek at Personhood and the Technological Singularity

by Nick Eliades*

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Prisoners’ Rights in the Modern Era

Bringing Noncitizens Out of the Shadows: Recognizing Padilla’s Retroactivity

by Yangchen Tenzin Nangpa*

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‘Exemptions’ & Court-Sanctioned Discrimination: The Post-Hobby Lobby Tension Between the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (“RFRA”) & Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

by Jordan Payne*

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Informed Consent: A Right Essential for All, Afforded to Few

by Jonathan L. Culpepper*

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Summer 2015 NULJ Newsletter

Meet the new journal editors and read about our upcoming issue and 2015 Symposium in the Summer 2015 NULJ Newsletter.

The Summer of Market Basket: Shareholders vs. Customers, Employees, and Public Interest

by Pamela Swanson*

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Two Sides of the Same Bitcoin: Why the Federal Government and the Judiciary Should Treat Bitcoin Consistently as Virtual Currency, not Property

by Cory Lamz*

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