Two Sides of the Same Bitcoin: Why the Federal Government and the Judiciary Should Treat Bitcoin Consistently as Virtual Currency, not Property

by Cory Lamz*

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Hijabs, Yarmulkes, Dastaars, and Explicit Notice Requirements: The Threat to Religious Accommodations Under Title VII

by Georgi J. Vogel Rosen*

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Employed or Just Working? Rethinking Employment Relationships in the Global Economy

Fomented by a passionate collection of leading employment law authors gathered together at our March 2013 symposium, Northeastern University Law Journal is proud to present our latest issue, Just Working? Rethinking Employment Relationships in the Global Economy. These poignant and provocative articles tackle the controversial matters facing the current employment system including intern rights, outsourcing, employee misclassification, and the FLSA.

Free Exercise, Halacha, and Goodridge: Examining Jewish Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage Within Massachusetts’ Legal Framework

by Greg Sager*

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Developments in the Ecuadorian ITT Initiative and Yasuní National Park: Balancing the Protection of the Environment and Native Rights

by Lena Cavallo*

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Our Government, Our Parents, Ourselves: Emergency Contraception and the Battle to Protect Girls

by Hillary Knight*

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Hope for Increased Regulation of Triclosan in Antimicrobial Hand Soaps

by Njideka Chukwu*

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Conceiving Real Protection: Paternalistic Surrogacy Laws & the Necessity of Massachusetts Legislation that Appropriately Protects the Gestational Surrogate

by Jordan L. Payne*

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The Bulger Complex: Common Conception of Organized Crime Leads to an Impracticable Nexus Requirement in Massachusetts Wiretap Statute

by Jess Megee*

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Ubiquitous Eyes Above: Should Existing Fourth Amendment Precedent Apply to Drone Surveillance?

by John E. Murray*

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