About the Journal

The Northeastern University Law Journal is a student-run publication that emphasizes the practical application of the law. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions and carry out the day-to-day operations of the Journal.

Each year, the Journal selects a topic on which to focus its publication and solicits articles from top practitioners in that field. The Journal then holds a symposium on the chosen topic and invites the authors and other practitioners to debate the legal issues. This symposium informs the legal community of the range of problems, viewpoints, and resolutions within that subject area. This symposium-to-publication model provides a public and an academic forum for topical pieces. The symposium and the articles are open to all.

We have hosted our symposium on Prisoners' Rights in the Modern Era on January 31, 2014 and have printed our most recent issue, Experience the Future: Experiential Education in Law during the summer of 2013. Furthermore, we are rapidly expanding our web presence with the recent launch of Extra Legal and will publish online shorter articles with more frequency in a greater variety of legal fields.

In addition to the articles written by practitioners, the Journal invites contributions in the form of notes and comments from law students, drawn primarily from the student body at Northeastern.

Contact Information

All general inquiries can be directed to nulj@nulj.org.

Questions about the symposium, please contact symposia@nulj.org.

Questions about article submission, please contact articles@nulj.org.

Questions about Extra Legal, please contact extralegal@nulj.org.


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