About the Journal

The Northeastern University Law Journal is a student-run publication that engages all topics of legal scholarship, with special attention given to articles showing connections between public interest, innovation, and the practical application of the law. Currently, the Journal is published twice a year and includes articles written by academics, law professors, and attorneys, as well as notes by law students.

The Journal also publishes content through its online publication, Extra Legal. Extra Legal is a platform for shorter pieces meant to engage authors and their readers in current legal issues, many dealing with break-out topics and evolving areas of law. The majority of Extra Legal authors are students or alumni/ae of Northeastern University School of Law.

In addition to publications, the Journal holds an annual symposium on a chosen topic and invites academics and practitioners to debate the related issues. This symposium informs the legal community of the range of problems, viewpoints, and resolutions within a subject area and aims at incorporating both interdisciplinary and practical voices. The symposium is open to all. Past symposia have included Information and Data in the Era of Accessibility held March 13, 2015, Prisoners' Rights in the Modern Era held January 31, 2014 and Experience the Future: Experiential Education in Law held during the Summer of 2013. 

Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions and carry out the day-to-day operations of the Journal. The staff of the Journal is comprised of second- and third-year students selected using a blind application process. The application consists of fact and cite checking and a prompted analytical written exercise. Rising second- and third-year students may apply to the Journal each Spring.   


Contact Information

All general inquiries can be directed to nulj@nulj.org.

Questions about article submission, please contact articles@nulj.org.

Questions about Extra Legal, please contact extralegal@nulj.org.

Questions about the symposium, please contact symposia@nulj.org.


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