From Seed to Stomach: Food and Agriculture Law

On January 21, 2011, the Northeastern University Law Journal hosted a symposium at Northeastern University entitled From Seed to Stomach: Food and Agricultural Law. The distinguished panels of attorneys, policy-makers, and legal scholars discussed the ethical and health consequences surrounding intellectual property in the food industries, including the patenting of seeds, farming methods, and live animals. They also addressed legislating food safety, litigating obesity claims, and implementing food policy. Specifically, they explored food labeling, including organic certification, and marketing unhealthy food to children. The Journal published the following articles and notes derived from the symposium in the spring of 2012.

Vol. 4, No. 1 - Spring 2012 [PDF]

Front Matter
Editors' Introduction [PDF]

Pastures of Peonage: Tracing the Feedback Loop of Food Through IP, GMOs, Trade, Immigration, and U.S. Agro-Maquilas
Keith Aoki, John Shuford, Esmeralda Soria, and Emilio Camacho [PDF]

An Evolutionary Approach to Agricultural Biotechnology: Litigation Challenges to the Regulatory and Common Law Regimes for Genetically Engineered Plants
A. Bryan Endres [PDF]

The Food-Safety Fallacy: More Regulation Doesn’t Necessarily Make Food Safer
Baylen J. Linnekin [PDF]

The Moveable Feast: Legal, Ethical, and Social Implications of Converging Technologies on Our Dinner Tables
Linda MacDonald Glenn and Lisa D’Agostino [PDF]

Block the Insanity: Leveraging Cable Franchising Authority to Grant Parents the Ability to Block Advertising Targeting Young Children
Robert J. L. Moore [PDF]

New and Existing GM Crops: In Search of Effective Stewardship and Coexistence
Colin A. Carter and Guillaume P. Gruère [PDF]

Notes and Comment
Fishing for the Public Trust Doctrine: The Search for a Legal Framework to Govern Open Ocean Aquaculture in America’s Federal Waters
Kenneth R. L. Parker [PDF]

California’s Continued Struggle Against Nonambulatory Animal Slaughter and the Limits of Federal Preemption: National Meat Association v. Brown
Shelley Barron [PDF]

Masquerading Behind Words: The Corn Refiners Association’s Push to Rename High-Fructose Corn Syrup as “Corn Sugar”
Veronica Louie [PDF]

C-SPAN Coverage

The symposium became the first law school symposium covered by C-SPAN. Video clips from the Symposium are now featured online, in C-SPAN's Congressional Chronicle video library. The coverage includes panelists discussing the FDA's history and operations and litigation issues surrounding foodborne illnesses, obesity, food distribution, and preparation. The panelists also addressed using litigation to produce social change.  Visit C-SPAN's website here to see more.