The Institute on Framing Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights for Mobilization and Advocacy: Towards a Strategic Agenda in the United States

This edition of the Northeastern University Law Journal is the result of a collaboration with the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE). The articles and notes within came out of PHRGE's 2011 institute on framing economic, social, and cultural rights in the United States, along with the Program's 2011 award-winning student piece. The distinguished speakers at the institute discussed the benefits and challenges involved with applying international conceptions of human rights to social and legal structures in the United States. The Journal published the following articles and notes derived from the institute in the fall of 2012.

Vol. 4, No. 2 – October 2012 [PDF]

Front Matter
Editors' Introduction [PDF]

Introduction: Framing Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Martha F. Davis [PDF]

Redemptive and Rejectionist Frames: Framing Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights for Advocacy and Mobilization in the United States
Katherine G. Young [PDF]

The 99% Solution: Human Rights and Economic Justice in the United States
Dorothy Q. Thomas [PDF]

Economic and Social Rights in the United States: Implementation Without Ratification
Gillian MacNaughton and Mariah McGill [PDF]

Framing Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights at the U.N.
Risa E. Kaufman [PDF]

The Champagne of Housing Rights: France's Enforceable Right to Housing and Lessons for U.S. Advocates
Eric S. Tars, Julia Lum, and E. Kieran Paul [PDF]

Human Rights Frames in Grassroots Organizing: CADRE and the Effort to Stop School Pushout
Alexandra Bonazoli [PDF]

Legal Services Fraud in Immigrant Communities and the U Visa's Potential to Help Victimized Communities Help Themselves
Margaret Serrano [PDF]